This project aims to develop an energy harvesting device based on lead-free piezoelectric materials. The device converts structural vibration energy to electrical energy,  allowing – when coupled to a wireless data relay system – an harness-free architecture for sensing units.

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Heavy Active Debris Removal (HADR)

The project was performed by Aviospace with a close focus on the development of capture system concepts and technologies, and included the participation to an Astrium-internal Concurrent Engineering activity, aiming to define and develop several different ADR mission and system concepts.


This project consider the development of an integrated system to the technical and administrative management of general aviation aircrafts.

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Service-Oriented Approach to Active Debris Removal

Evaluation of the feasibility of an Active Debris Removal mission;

Definition of  a  business  model  for  the  implementation  of  the  ADR mission;

Definition of a business  plan  for future  ADR  missions  and  technology roadmaps for the removal of large debris from space.


Capture and De-orbiting Technologies (CADET)

The project aims to develop and demonstrate, by the development of ground functional breadboards, key technologies for ADR, including the capture systems and a vision based navigation system, including target in-situ recognition and properties assessment.

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Versatile Autonomous Concept (VAC)

In view of an autonomous access to space, a Versatile Autonomous concept (VAC) based on the ATV know-how has been considered. Aviospace has been involved in VAC phase A/B1 for design activities on Capture mechanisms and operations, and Sensors & GNC for proximity operations. 



The objective of the project was to develop an innovative prototyping process based on inkjet of a nanodoped ink for materials functionalization.

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In the frame of different non cooperative target or debris processing systems, the capture device insures the attachment during the whole for re-entry or orbit altitude increase process.

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