Future Launcher Avionic Programme (FLAP)

This project aims to develop know-how and technologies for launch vehicles, in the domain of GNC and next-generation avionics, with the objective to achieve a functional validation of integrated technologies.



The project aims to define and prototype a multi-radio communication platform capable of using, in cognitive and opportunistic mode, heterogeneous wireless communication technologies for monitoring and control of complex systems for industrial and aerospace markets.

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Highly Operable Sensor Network (HOSN)

This project focuses on sensing nodes development (powered by energy harvesting technologies). The nodes are conceived to be used on-ground, during storage, pre-launch phase, and  during  ascent/in orbit phases, e.g.  Launcher staging to allow communication between stages after separation. 






This project aims to develop an energy harvesting device based on lead-free piezoelectric materials. The device converts structural vibration energy to electrical energy,  allowing – when coupled to a wireless data relay system – an harness-free architecture for sensing units.

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